Highly Recreational Man

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Highly Recreational Man
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Alabama Music Veteran’s Debut Album, Making Waves

MOBILE, ALABAMA, May, 2020- Several cuts from Jerry Powell’s newly released debut album, “Highly Recreational Man” (GRC-813) are already receiving extensive airplay around the country as well as on SIRIUS XM Radio. 

Songwriter, singer & guitarist Jerry Powell is no stranger to the music business. No matter what facet of it!   From playing his first gig in Mobile Alabama as a teenager in the early 1960s…to years on the road as a six night-a-week band member/entertainer.         From being a staff songwriter for two of the industry’s most successful music publishers…to his time as a recording artist for CBS/EPIC Records. Also, add in his years as a respected recording engineer and producer, along with being studio guitarist on hundreds of sessions for various artists. 

That diversity of talent is well represented in Powell’s new and long-anticipated album, “Highly Recreational Man”, sprinkled throughout with tropical-flavored delights such as “Somewhere There’s an Island”, “On the Gulf of Mexico”, the colorful and unruly title cut, “Highly Recreational Man”,  and the Number One Radio A1A Tropical Americana hit, “You and the Yucatan”!

At first glance and listen, you are drawn to the vivid tropical landscape, and that would be more than enough, but Powell’s diverse talent has iced this cake with hand-clapping ditties such as, the nostalgic “Rockabilly Rock & Roll”, “Rebecca Lou”, and “Still Falling”, reaching Number One now in the Cashbox Magazine charts!   As a guitarist, it’s only fitting that Powell pays tribute to Rock & Roll pioneer, Duane Eddy, with the orchestral-backed “The Open Road”, drawing praise from Musicians Hall of Fame founder/CEO, Joe Chambers, who contributed to the liner notes.

Rounding out this 11-song project is the hibernating “Lazy Summer Afternoon”, sure to make its mark as warm weather approaches, and the lilting ode to childhood memories, “Seale Street”! Finally, anyone who loves comedic character studies is sure to be delighted with the zany live cut, “Zip-Ho The Discount Clown”!

Powell’s longtime friend and former bandmate, Eric “Packy” Marrero can be heard on numerous selections with his excellent sax, trumpet and background vocal work!                       Sharon Tew, GRC


“Highly Recreational Man”, available through Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, Radio A1A’s Music Store & other outlets.






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