The Mexico Beach Road Trip

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The Mexico Beach Road Trip
The Mexico Beach Road Trip
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Trop rock singer/songwriter Don Middlebrook bringings his Caribbean sound from Key West to the frozen north!

Don Middlebrook returns back to Michigan each summer, after finishing his seven state winter tour.

Middlebrook’s last CD project, “GUITAR ISLAND” features: Doyle Grisham and Greg “Fingers” Taylor (both played and toured with Jimmy Buffett for many years), horn licks from the Motor City Horns (Bob Seger’s horn section), and cover art from world-renowned marine-life artist Wyland. You may be familiar with his famous Whaling Wall building murals that dot the US.

2016 Highlights:

Michigan native, singer/songwriter Don Middlebrook, and his band the Pearl Divers, headlined the Street Festival at the national Trop Rock Music Association’s annual convention in Key West, FL – “Meeting of the Minds.”

Middlebrook was honored to receive three TRMA awards this year. The first being “Songwriter of the Year”, voted by a panel of his peers. Second, The Trop Rock Music Association awarded his album, Songs from Talespin Bay — “Album of the Year”!! And last, but definitely not the least, Don was awarded the “I Can” award for charitable work with Trop Rock music.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Trop Rock Music Association for giving myself, and my band, the chance of a lifetime to play at the “Meeting of the Minds” Street Fest in Key West. It’s a riveting experience to play a party for over 4000 of the best people on the planet, Parrotheads. Also, I’d like to thank the TRMA and everyone associated with the awards ceremony for putting on such a class act. I’m honored and humbled.” ~~ Don Middlebrook

2015 Album of the Year – “Songs from Talespin Bay”

2015 Songwriter of the Year – Don Middlebrook

2015 “I Can” Award, for charitable work with Trop Rock music

More info:

Album cover photo by world-renown marine-life artist Wyland:

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