Marissa Lynn

0 itemsThe Island Saved Me$0.99 ›Marissa LynnYear:2020Go to the store pageTracksDescriptionAudio is played partially for security reasonsThe Island Saved Me$0.99Marissa Lynn is California Singer-Songwriter Mook Menzes’ Daughter. He asked her to listen to RadioA1A and suggested she write a Tropical song… She’s now a featured artist only on RadioA1A with her ‘California Tropical’ style, introducing Marissa

Don Middlebrook

“Florida Trop Rock, Americana, Country, Rock ‘n Roll singer/songwriter from Michigan, traveling from Michigan to Key West – Seattle to the East coast. Original Florida swamp rock, with authentic country sensibilities, give Don a heart of pure ‘Trop Rock’. Don’s Albums     Don Middlebrook is a Florida Trop Rock, Americana, Country, Rock ‘n Roll