Don Drzal Host of Palm Trees and Poets

I’m just a Tropical Americana-lovin’, Gulf coast dreamin’, typical suburban father of three, learning the radio game and having a great time sharing my favorite music with anyone who’ll listen.
Living in the Chicago area all my life, it’s just a matter of time before I join the happy folk living in the warmer climates and enjoying the weather for more than just 5 months out of each year.
I was introduced to TropRock and Tropical Americana music with the Jim Hoehn compilation, Thongs In The Key Of Life, Vol 1, and I’ve been hooked ever since. A Parrothead since the 80’s, I miss catching Jimmy at the ol’ Poplar Creek Music Theater here in the NW suburbs, where I was only 2 stoplights away.
Palm Trees and Poets was started on a dare. I reached out to Harry at RadioA1A with a small podcast I was doing for only 2 months. He was EXTREMELY supportive and happy to carry the show. I love being a part of the RadioA1A family!
With Palm Trees and Poets, I’m getting to meet and talk with great musicians and songwriters. And I’m looking to enhance the Tropical American way-of-life through the music, the interviews, and more! Enjoy Don.
You can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter.
And remember, we’re all here ‘cuz we ain’t all there!

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