Welcome to the Planet

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Welcome to the Planet
Welcome to the Planet
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I didn’t know this out of the gate, but as time goes on, I have realized my music and particularly my lyrics have been nothing but therapy. A self-help group that meets whenever I’m in struggle or in awe. Afraid, confused, amazed or just reminded of my flaws, I find releif when the pen and guitar meet. Throw in some humor and though nothing may have changed, damn it, I feel better! Kind of like shopping. As a song writer, I open up topics that you never hear on the radio and that I am proud of. Life is much more than what you hear on the radio. So thanks for sharing my music and my therapy sessions. I hope you enjoy the CD, but more importantly; I hope you have found a way to be strong in the midst of sadness; to truly come to peace with that which is unjust, to know forgiveness, to have the strength to be persistent, and to love against all odds. Throw in some humor and there is no stopping us. We are the children of the world regardless of our age and the more we learn to dance with the unexplained the more we are alive. So, Welcome to the Planet. Aren’t you glad they let you in?

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