Buffett on the Radio

Friday 5pm ET

“Buffett on the Radio with Jersey Jon Persons” is a tuneful tribute to the timeless musical legacy of Jimmy Buffett. Delving into songs either inspired by Buffett, about him, or crafted by the man himself and reimagined by other artists, the show promises a delightful journey through the Margaritaville universe. Beyond spotlighting independent singer/songwriters, the program also offers exclusive artist interviews to enrich the listening experiences.

Jon Persons, a proud Central New Jersey native and Rutgers University alum, embodies the spirit of the Jersey shore. Raised in the heart of the Garden State, his childhood was a harmonious blend of Bruce Springsteen's anthems, the soulful tunes of the Drifters, the energy of Southside Johnny, and the electrifying, take-no-prisoners sound of the Smithereens. A devotee of the California Sound, Jon's musical compass pointed to the sun-soaked melodies of the Beach Boys during his formative years. While "Songs You Know by Heart" became a staple in his musical repertoire in 1985, it was a serendipitous encounter with Radio Margaritaville on satellite radio during his 2009 deployment to Iraq that immersed him in the universe of Jimmy Buffett. Awash in the rhythmic waves of tropical melodies, Jon's love for the broader spectrum of Tropical Americana artists, extending beyond the realm of Buffett, flourished. This passion eventually led him to the inviting shores of Radio A1A.

Jon recently wrapped up a two-decade-long tenure with the U.S. Army, which included a significant deployment in Iraq and various assignments across the globe. From the sun-drenched landscapes of Puerto Rico to the enchanting mist of the Pacific Northwest and the majestic beauty of the Rocky Mountains, Jon's military odyssey unfolds like a captivating travelogue. His experiences in these diverse settings not only highlighted his adaptability but also provided a rich tapestry of perspectives that he now brings to his endeavors.

In addition to his military achievements, Jon is a versatile musician, skilled in playing the flute, tuba, electric bass, and baritone ukulele. During his time at Rutgers, he showcased his musical prowess as the bassist and vocalist for an eclectic band that frequently performed in the lively cabaret scene.