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2024 PHollow The PHlock MOTM Headquarters Holiday Inn Express Hotel, Orange Beach, Alabama

RadioA1A2 hours ago
Donnie Howard with Brad Brewer on Sax and 'Waves Crash' now on RadioA1A: "Music For The Road To Paradise".
RadioA1A1 week ago
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RadioA1A1 week ago
At A1A, we believe in supporting independent artists and showcasing their amazing work. That's why we do not accept music from Record Labels, Artist Management companies, Music Aggregators, or Music Wholesalers. We value the direct connection with artists like you, and your direct contact with our staff or DJs ensures that your music gets the attention it deserves.
To all the incredible musicians out there, keep creating and sharing your music with the world! And if you're an independent singer-songwriter interested in submitting your original songs, don't hesitate to email us at Submissions@A1A.Productions. Remember to include a tagged MP3 music file and a square JPG Cover Photo. Let's keep the music playing!
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