An Expose’ on A1A & the TRMA

An Expose’ on A1A & the TRMA by Harry Tea A1A Programming Director

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A1A is a Streaming Audio/Video/Print Entertainment and News Media Outlet. We have the responsibility to report the Music Industry news as we see it, clearly and without bias aimed at anyone or any group or advertiser.

Our Tropical Americana Music station affiliate Radio A1A won Trop Rock Music Association (TRMA) Awards for Radio excellence a few years ago. We do not currently display those WAVE Awards and we recognize a need for change at the TRMA.

When the TRMA began to literally resemble its former name ‘Margarita Mafia’, a Fan Club (fan being short for fanatic), it visibly moved away from a legitimate Professional Association structure to a small group of elite dues-paying fans, a few hundred at most, struggling to judge Professional excellence in Trop Rock Music.

A1A made the decision to have our Tropical Music affiliate, Radio A1A, place more attention on individual songwriting and musical quality of the songwriters and not just the veracity and big pockets of an individual, Fan Club, or cliche supporting a particular artist, region, or style to influence recognition of excellence in Tropical Music. This necessitated our distance from the TRMA and even the genre’ Trop Rock and create our unique Tropical Americana format on Radio A1A.

As a Media outlet and with our A1A mission clear, we are allowed by the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution to freely report as we see the industry and Music evolving, changing, and in a truthful and transparent method. This brings very unhappy news to many who assumed that it’s OK to allow groups of emotional fans to rule the selection of Musical excellence recognition and awards and worse, take the awards seriously.

It’s not OK. Politics, human nature, and mismanagement are the friend of mediocrity. The structure of the TRMA is a recipe for recognizing mediocrity. We are suggesting and urging consideration by the TRMA to change to a professional approach for professional musicians to be awarded meaningful awards… not Awards or accolades generated by the emotions and poor judgment of dues-paying voters being influenced by the best Social media marketer or anything other than musical, songwriting, and production excellence.

Many comments received by A1A regarding a Social Media post by GM Harry Teaford while stating an A1A editorial opinion were taken as personal individual attacks and insults to the talented TRMA Award winners. A very unprofessional response was leveled at A1A, Radio A1A, and our GM personally. We kindly ask that everyone please take the comments with a grain of salt from those closely and emotionally associated with the status quo. A1A is upsetting the playhouse and the Tropical Music apple cart. We apologize if it upsets you. It’s as if we broke the Santa myth…

Although the response was predictable, we expect no change to come from our objections to the current process and leadership of the TRMA. We are the opposition and a lone dissenting Media voice hoping to create an environment of excellence in songwriting and keep quality Tropical Music featured 24/7 on Radio A1A programming.

In short, the TRMA has become a business that is run by business people, and the financial interests of those involved have evolved into something we do not condone unless it changes to resemble a pro award, not what it actually is… an Amature Music Award.

We do not have all of the answers. Our job is to fairly expose the inefficiencies and inequities we observe and report the facts. Our research and due diligence are based on many combined years of experience in Journalism, Professional Music Performance, Broadcast, and Event Promotions.

This editorial content is not intended specifically or personally toward any individual or past Wave Award winners. We appreciate the hard work, dedication, time, talent, and effort over the years of those who have contributed to the recognition of Tropical independent singer-songwriters. A1A sincerely hopes the TRMA Wave Award becomes a true award of professional excellence in the Music industry.

We welcome your comments or information… please keep it civil and to the point.

Thank you, A1A Management.

You may write A1A privately to info@A1A.Productions. To submit original music to our Radio affiliates, write to submissions@A1A.Productions.

Parrot Head Pilgrimage: Meeting of the Minds 2023 

Photo courtesy TritonApp and features a view from the TritonApp MOTM VIP room overlooking the Hangout, ground Zero for Meeting of the Minds 2023

As the Parrot Heads in Paradise (PHIP) gear up for their annual ‘Meeting of the Minds’ event, the excitement is palpable. The 2023 convention, which will be held in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama, promises to be bigger and better than ever before. I had the opportunity to speak with Jed Johnson, the convention chairperson, about what attendees can expect from this year’s event.

The biggest change to this year’s Meeting of the Minds is the addition of multiple live performance locations. In previous years, all the shows facilitated by the convention were held at a single venue. However, for 2023, the concerts will be spread out across several locations, including the Flora-Bama, The Hangout, Lulu’s, LIVE Bait and others. This allows for more variety in the music lineup and gives attendees the opportunity to experience different venues and atmospheres.

To facilitate transportation between the different venues and the hotels, event shuttles will be available for attendees via VIP Registration or pre-purchased pass. Johnson hopes that this will make getting around easy and stress-free, allowing attendees to focus on enjoying the music and the company of their fellow Parrot Heads.

There will also be changes to the philanthropic side of the event with changes to how the auctions, raffle baskets, blood drive will operate as well as the addition of a mini-golf tournament. There are still several details that are being finalized and we’re excited for the changes that we’ll see this year.

Johnson is excited about the opportunities that the new format and environment present, and he’s confident that attendees will love the changes. “We’re always looking for ways to improve the event and make it more enjoyable for everyone,” he says. “I think the new performance format and charity format will really add to the overall experience. We can’t wait to see everyone in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach!”

As the Parrot Heads prepare to PHlock to Alabama for Meeting of the Minds 2023, it’s clear that the spirit of giving back and having a good time is still going strong. With a new format that promises to be even more exciting and engaging than before, this year’s event is sure to be one for the books. So, grab your Hawaiian shirt, your flip-flops, and your checkbook, and get ready to PHlock with a Purpose!

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