The Weekly Trop 40

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Harry Tea hosts the Trop40 Countdown featuring the official Top 40 of ‘Tropical Americana’ music LIVE  Sunday of efrom Noon to 3 PM from the Radio A1A studios in the Florida Keys.

The Trop40 features each song in the order of the RadioA1A Trop40 Poll results. The Trop40 Top 10 will be played individually on the LIVE broadcast countdown show culminating in the exclusive LIVE announcement of the monthly No. 1 independent singer-songwriter and song.

The Official ‘Tropical Americana’ Top 40 (Trop40) page is an effort by RadioA1A and the fans of ‘Tropical Americana’ music to recognize the outstanding songs and the independent singer-songwriters who create ‘Tropical Americana’ music.

Each month the new Trop40 rankings are announced on RadioA1A and published to social media and participating music statistical data entities.

‘Write in’ (Other) votes allow new songs to be placed into a respective position according to the number of votes received. ‘Write in’ votes will be listed and available for voting and all songs that receive at least one vote will be listed as a selection in following polls. New songs will not need to be written in again unless it receives no additional votes. Songs receiving no votes are removed.

Trop40 Song Submission: ‘Tropical Americana’ songs by Independent Singer Songwriters are required to be in the RadioA1A programming rotation for at least one week during the month to be eligible for Trop40 consideration. 

Submit tagged MP3 with cover art to Harry@A1A.Productions.

ONE VOTE PER PERSON. Abuse will not be tolerated and may cause a song to be disqualified. Be careful to write in the song and artist name correctly and identifiable.

Unique promotional efforts and appeals for votes are welcomed and encouraged. Vote, Share and Promote…!!! 

Go to the RadioA1A Home Page, scroll down, make, or write in your choice.