New RadioA1A Music Format ‘Tropical Americana’

January 1st, 2019
RadioA1A Studios
Islamorada, Florida Keys

The time has come to officially change the nomenclature of the RadioA1A music programming format.

First and foremost, and to begin the explanation of the reasons for our format change, I would ask that you review the former stated mission of RadioA1A as a broadcasting entity; “RadioA1A is committed to independent ‘Trop Rock’ Artists and Singer Songwriters, providing free and accessible airplay to the maximum listener base, emphasizing the equitable promotion of original ‘Trop Rock’ Music and Artists.”

Many, including me sometimes, may not remember that I was fortunate to begin performing professionally on the Mississippi, Alabama and Florida Gulf Coast in the mid-70s. During those gorgeous tropical Gulf Coast beach days, I was pleasantly surprised to find that after Jimmy Buffett made a break for stardom and before the term ‘Americana’ was conceived, our music was identified as ‘Gulf & Western Music’. This is how an 80’s Mississippi Jimmy Buffett concert promotion once described the Music; “With an easy-going beach-bum persona blending country, folk, rock, and pop music with coastal as well as tropical lyrical themes into a genre that’s sometimes-called Gulf and Western”

That wonderful sounding description defines ‘Tropical Americana’ Music very well. But, for the sake of our artists, listeners and sponsors, we are working tirelessly to attract a larger audience and to broaden our listener base. In my opinion, after extensive research and feedback, ‘Tropical Americana’ best describes our unique RadioA1A Tropical Programming and will provide a larger listener demographic. Will you notice the change? Most probably, not at all. It’s basically the same music but justly identifying it with a broader and more inclusive description.

Increasing listenership is any successful Radio Station’s primary objective. From this fact, we find that a move closer to the ‘Americana’ Music genre’, or an ‘Americana Music’ genre’ sub-category will provide many more potential listeners for RadioA1A and create increased exposure for our independent singer songwriters and sponsors.

The  RadioA1A format change will also create valuable connections providing more advanced and capable association relationships. The value in association with trade professionals who share a common cause of advancing the business aspect of Music will pay measurable dividends.

On that important note, it is my distinct pleasure to announce that RadioA1A is now a ‘Cornerstone Member’ of TAMA , the Tropical Americana Music AssociationTAMA has been formed by a committed group of Tropical Americana Music professionals and experienced Music industry leaders who will provide support and tangible benefits to members and will guide Tropical Americana Music and TAMA membership into a more productive future. We enthusiastically support the mission of TAMA to represent and promote Tropical Americana Music and Independent Artists effectively and equitably.

For those of you who prefer to continue calling the Tropically Inclined Music we love ‘Trop Rock’, we wholeheartedly encourage you to do so. We feel that Tropical Rock, Tropical Country, Tropical Jazz, Tropical R&B, Tropical Folk, Tropical Funk, Tropical Island, Tropical Beach, Tropical Surf and all Tropically influenced Music fits comfortably under the descriptive umbrella of ‘Tropical Americana’ Music.

I firmly believe that change is necessary for continued success. RadioA1A will constantly work to achieve success in broadcasting by executing a plan for qualitative and quantitative growth, adhering faithfully to our new stated mission and commitment to the independent Tropical Music singer songwriter; “RadioA1A is committed to independent ‘Tropical Americana’ Artists and Singer Songwriters, providing free and accessible airplay to the maximum listener base,  emphasizing the equitable promotion of  original ‘Tropical Americana’ Music and Artists.”

Please share your thoughts and questions with me or anyone in our RadioA1A Family. We sincerely welcome all productive input, positive or negative.

Cheers from RadioA1A and our beautiful, Musical and Tropical American Paradise, the Florida Keys.

Harry T.

Managing Partner, A1A Media LLC

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